Ann Michelle Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ann Michelle Photography (Ann Michelle Photography) Sun, 11 Feb 2018 22:11:00 GMT Sun, 11 Feb 2018 22:11:00 GMT Cute as a cupcake cakesmash http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2018/2/cute-as-a-cupcake-cakesmash This little lady was a cutie for her cakesmash!!!


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Lizzy and Mike's Wedding Day http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2018/2/lizzy-and-mikes-wedding-day It was a gorgeous spring day for Lizzy and Mike's wedding.  I love when couples book our full package and we are there with them the entire day documenting their memories.  These two are so much fun!!!

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Emily and Alex - A Firehouse Engagement Session http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2018/2/emily-and-alex---a-firehouse-engagement-session I met Emily and Alex last spring.  Alex is a Eureka Firefighter and had wanted their Engagement Session at his firehouse.   I love it when my couples suggest locations that are really important to them.  The weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate the day of their session, it actually rained on me on the way to the session, but last minute it cleared up and they totally rocked their Engagement Session.  You could just see the love these two have for each other.  Stay tuned for their fabulous wedding from last fall!!!



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Fun little cake smash http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2018/2/fun-little-cake-smash So first off I'd just like to say probably my most favorite sessions are First Birthday/Cake Smash Sessions.  They are always so much fun, there's usually a few tears with each one (but Mom and Dad get don't tear up for too long -ha ha), but seriously they are such a milestone and I really enjoy being able to document them.  A full First Birthday/Cake Smash Session includes individual photos, family photos and then we end with the smashing of the cake (which by the way is included in the session fee).  About a month before the session I get all the decorations, etc so that we can match your theme as closely as possible.  Here's one from last year that was one of my favorites.


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Brianna and Mark http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2018/2/brianna-and-mark So I'm pretty behind on my blogging, which is a good and bad thing.  Good because I've been so busy I didn't have time to blog and bad because I've been so busy I didn't have time to blog, lol.  So this gorgeous wedding is from last April.  It was a beautiful day!!


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Christmas Mini Sessions http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2017/11/christmas-mini-sessions This year’s first weekend of Mini Sessions went great!!!  We do still have 6 spots open for this weekend.

Sessions are $125 this year and you will get a 20 minute session and you are guaranteed 15 digital images from your gallery to download with a print release (however, I tend to overshoot so you’ll most definitely get more), A $50 retainer is due with a signed contact at the time of booking, the retainer does go toward the final mini session price.

This year we are getting all images back within 72 hours (although it’s only been 24 hours for all sessions last weekend).  How fabulous is that!!  So you are guaranteed to have plenty of time to get those Christmas Cards out. NO EXCUSES!!!

So the real questions is why book your mini session with Ann Michelle Photography when there are so many other photographers offering sessions too.  Well for 1….ours are in studio so you don’t have to worry about weather, 2…we have high quality deluxe Christmas sets that are both timeless, 3…you get a lot of bang for your buck (a minimum of 15 digital files-that’s a steal, trust me check around, you’ll see)

, 4….we’re fun and fabulous and well you just can’t beat that!

PS....we like pets too, so your doggies are welcome in your family photos!!

So really, there’s only 6 spots left…6 spots that’s not many, grab them up while you can.  Even if you personally don’t need a session you can gift a session!

Click here to book now


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Pretty in Pink - Sweet Little Miss Addison http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2017/4/pretty-in-pink---sweet-little-miss-addison Here at Ann Michelle Photography, we love cake smash sessions.  First Birthday's are such a milestone for the whole family.  I had the honor of photographing Addison as a newborn and the honor of capturing the milestone of her first birthday.  She brought along her big brother and cousin too, and....the little white dress...her Momma wore that dress at her age too.  How cool is that!!!

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Olive turns 1 http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2017/4/olive-turns-1 I've been photographing this cutie since she was born.  Last fall she turned 1.  Miss Olive is such a cutiepie and we had such an adorable outdoor cake smash planned.  Sometimes, even when you are as pretty as a princess you're just not feeling the whole cake smash thing, but that was okay, she rocked her session like always!!  Mom and Dad stepped in to help out a little with the cake.  Olive's session is one of my favorites because even though she really didn't want to smash the cake she was as cute as can be.  




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A Beautiful November Chandler Hill Vineyards Wedding http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2017/4/a-beautiful-chandler-hill-vineyards-wedding Back in November on a gorgeous day Hannah and Matt got married at Chandler Hill Vineyards.  This was my first time ever shooting an outdoors wedding at night and also the first nighttime wedding for Chandler Hill Vineyards in November.  I love how it turned out!!  If you have never been there I suggest visiting, especially around sunset!!!  We had so much fun with Hannah and Matt as we documented their day.  Contact me at for more information on how to book a Wedding with Ann Michelle Photography.


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EVERY GIRL DESERVES TO DO A GLITTER SHOOT!!! http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2017/3/every-girl-deserves-to-do-a-glitter-shoot A couple of years ago I was on Pinterest and came across a glitter shoot.  Wow, they looked fun and messy!  I showed my daughter who immediately wanted to do one.  So like every good Photographer Mom I had to go all out and buy a ton of adorable dresses, headpieces and glitter.  Oh yeah, lots and lots of glitter!!!  (But hey I researched the “correct” glitter so it’s not really as messy as you might think.  Anyway, so my home has filled up with even more dresses (yes the 12 from last year just wasn’t enough so we bought more, even cuter ones) and glitter and all the fabulousness involved in a glitter session.  I’m getting really excited for these sessions.  Last year was a huge success and this year is going to be even better.  But here’s the one catch with all this…I can only do these once a year so March 24th and March 25th will be the super sparkly days.   

So…we are covering the studio with glitter, making it rain glitter, throwing glitter and anything else involving glitter on Friday, March 24th from 4:00pm to 6:30pm and Saturday, March 25th from 10:00am until 2:30pm. Call today to make your appointment (314-602-0111), email us at or use this link Click here to reserve your Glitter Shoot  to reserve a one of a kind session.   We are offering mini-sessions for $100 which covers a 20 minute session and a  disk of the edited digital files (approximately 15) with a print release . It’s gonna be more fun than you can imagine bring your daughters, sisters, friends and neighbors because Every Girl Should do a Glitter Photo Shoot!!!.


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Kelsea + Jim - A historic St. Patrick's Rock Church Wedding http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/10/kelsea-jim---a-historic-st-patricks-rock-church-wedding Here in Franklin County we have a historical gem, it's known as the "Old Rock Church".  It was originally built in 1853 but burned down in 1885 and was rebuilt and reopened in 1886.  It was a perfect setting for Kelsea and Jim's wedding.  These guys were so fun and laid back. 



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Madison - FHN Class of 2017 http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/10/madison---fhn-class-of-2017 It was a tad bit warm for Madison's Senior Session.  She choose our Signature Digital Session so we are already planning her next session.  Madison has been a dancer since she was very little so were are planning something fun to incorporate dance.


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Courtney - PHS Class of 2017 http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/10/courtney---phs-class-of-2017 Recently I photographed Courtney for the first one of her senior sessions.  For her first session we wanted to do something outside with the beautiful fall colors.  Courtney chose the Signature Digital package for her session so be on the lookout for peeks from her next session soon.

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Sara + Roger - A Lalumondiere Mill and Rivergardens Wedding http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/10/sara-roger---a-lalumondiere-mill-and-rivergardens-wedding In September we had the honor of documenting Sara and Roger's wedding at beautiful Lalumondiere Mill and Rivergardens.  These two are so sweet and their day was so beautiful.  I hope everyone enjoys these images as much as we enjoyed capturing them!




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Sweet Miss Ellie turns 1!!!! http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/9/sweet-miss-ellie-turns-1 I always love cake smash sessions!  This little cutie loved her cake.  She was so adorable!  Check out her session.


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Super cute kiddos.... http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/9/super-cute-kiddos This kiddos are so super cute!  We headed to their family farm for their session.  It was super hot out, but you'd never know from these smiles.


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We love adorable babies.... http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/9/we-love-adorable-babies This super cute little guy and his family were in the studio a few weeks ago.  He was such a rockstar for his session.  His Daddy works for Anheuser-Busch and brought in a 90 year old beer crate.  How cool is that!  If you are expecting and in the market for a newborn photographer, give us a call or drop us an email at to schedule your session.


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Fun extended family session http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/8/fun-extended-family-session This family is so much fun.  I always enjoy sessions with them.  This was the first time ever photographing the entire family. 

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Brianna + Mark - A fun engagement session http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/8/brianna-mark---a-fun-engagement-session When Brianna and Mark told me their idea for their Engagement Session my mind was racing with ideas.  I love capturing images in new and different locations.  These two are both car enthusiasts and they picked the perfect spot!!


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We love babies.... http://ANNMICHELLEPHOTO.COM/blog/2016/8/we-love-babies This little guy was in the studio about 6 weeks ago.  He was adorable and totally rocked his session.  If you are expecting or know someone who is in the market for a newborn photographer, please contact us at


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